Berlin Clowns jonglierbälle basteln,mit uns und jonglage lernen,Mann kann viel Spaß beim  jonglierbaelle  haben

1.wollen Sie Kinderanimation 
Oder Kinder Show?
Kinderanimation Berlin Clowns für euer Kinder Events, Kinder Animation,
unser Kinder Clown komm zu alle Art Kinderparty, Kinderveranstaltungen, Kindertag,

Clown Kinderzauberer. Zauberer für Kinder, Zaubertricks für Kinder,Zauberer Geburtstag, Clown Geburtstag Zauberkünstler Berlin Clowns ist da für euch unser Kinderprogramm die Kids kann auch mit unserm  pumpen spielen.
Kinder Clown mieten Clown buchen Künstler Für Kinder  Veranstaltungen in Berlin

4.haben sie einen Ideen,motto für das Geburtstagsparty? Star war -geburtstagsparty Oder Piraten und Prinzessin.

5 Es ist immer gut viel spiele zu haben für die Kinder, kinderspiele, das mach die Kindergeburtstag
viel Spaß,zum bei spiel  Schnitzeljagd. es gib viel spielen im Internet zu finden.

6. Walk act is  a clown that mixes in with the public. This is suited to events such as fair any event where there are a lot of people or for events where there is no stage.

7. Clowns turn balloon into dog no it is not magic its balloon modeling this always goes down well. It can be just the thing you need for your event.

8. Berlin clown we are Magic!  Do you love magic? Good, we do magician, comedy magic for you.

9 Berlin clowns come to your kindergarten we can provide a show where the children participate
with simple scarf juggling.

10.What`s that waiter doing under the table Comedy waiter your event might be best suited for a comedy waiter Berlin Clowns offer that too.
comedy waiter or strange  waiter can serve your guest allowing for great amusement  you can chooses if the guest knows about the strange  waiter from the start or if they
discover that as the evening progress

11.Be A  Clown Fun workshop you may have always wanted to put on  a red nose yourself and stand on stage and feel the pleasure of being a clown a pure childish innocents that you
have lock up inside for so long.

You have the possibility to experience the clown in a safe environment.You can hire a clown to come and do work shop at your event
or particypate in one of our organized workshops

12.For Kids learn to juggle with scarf and spin plates on a stick kids Love this it  is simply fun work shop for kids 6 to 10 years old.

13 Do it yourself coaching want to do your own performance clowns Berlin will help you develop a short clown number that you can perform for your friends and family

14. Lets start a circus Our own circus show   working with groups of kids to develop a circus number. Kids from 5 to 10 years of age.

This course can be for 1 or 2 days depending on your need where our clowns will develop basic circus skills with the kids acrobatics juggling dance etc and at the end create
a show which the kids can then perform.